For companies / groups of 10 people or more who want to sit together, we offer the Jacobs party menu. The party menu is designed to give you a great dining expeirence while allowing us to maintain our high quality stadards. To ensure the quality of both the food and the service, we ask that the party menu be pre-booked. Our private venue has a capacity of up to 40 people.

The party menu consists of 7 dishes total, including individual plated dishes (entrees), and "split-course/family style" courses brought to the table on joint serving dishes, plates or bowls where each guest serves themselves. The dishes are made from the freshest ingredients we have available and reflect the same philosophy we have in the restaurant. Jacobs will inspire you as a guest.

The menu has a fixed price of 695, - pr. person. Included in the price are side dishes such as vegetables and sauces that fit the courses and are seasonal.

The wine served for private groups follows the same philosophy as in the restaurant, focusing on very small producers who decide to work with their hands rather than machines to produce wines without any additives called natural wines. You can have us suggest the wines for your party, or you can chose freely from our wine list.

Send us an email or call us for further information or to book.

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